Professional irrigation equipment for greenhouses and open fields projects

Our Fito-Group companies stay in the greenhouses market since 1991. We produce professional extensive engineering systems for irrigation solutions based on advanced Israeli technology and consisted of irrigation equipment units. Our engineering equipment successfully works in areas of more than 1200 hectares throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, in the CIS countries, in Europe and the Middle East.

Examples of our equipment installed and operating in greenhouses

Smart irrigation controllers and management irrigation systems

Smart irrigation systems management with our engineering equipment there is a combination of the both advanced technologies as precise irrigation and smart irrigation controllers. Our equipment produced with the necessary smart controllers that monitor a water conservation, as drainage reuse, treatment systems, fertilizer supply, micro-climate control in greenhouse. An other words, all moisture-related conditions in your agricultural project and  automatically adjust watering to optimal levels. Our computer software «Agronomist», «Monitor » and » Scada » allows you to monitor all technological processes in greenhouse from a single workstation.

Our equipment for greenhouse fertigation systems

By directly injecting fertilizers into your irrigation system, our company’s greenhouse fertilizer engineering equipment can substantially improve the health and yield of your crops. It’s no real secret that if you increase the amount of nutrients that the plants needs & regularly receives, the values and benefits extend the average lifespan of vegetable, flower and medical plants.

Our company has designed this irrigation units for proportional fertigation to offer a system that, thanks to a simple and accurate controller, can provide more efficient fertilizer dosage and irrigation system management to all those who wish to approach automated systems in a simple way and at a reasonable price. Read more >>

What is advantage of our irrigation equipment over an injector in greenhouse?

Our irrigation system is designed for the automated preparation of nutrient solution and for scheduling drip irrigation in the greenhouse. This equipment allows you to organize an individual supply of nutrient solution for individual fragments of the greenhouse, depending on the watering time or solution consumption. You can optimally plan your watering throughout the day using a range of programs including solar intensity. Read more >>

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