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irrigation systems unit Mini-Max-5-100-m3-h.
irrigation-unit Mini-Max from 5 to 100-m 3-h.

MINI-MAX irrigation solutions in greenhouses and on open fields projects

Equipment for irrigation in greenhouses does not fundamentally differ from equipment for plantations, we have adjusted the capabilities of our solution unit to provide you with the most modern method of irrigation and dosage of fertilizers. MINI-MAX universal technological equipment for use in both greenhouses and on open fields irrigation projects.

The unit capacity can vary in a wide range from 5 m3 / h to 100 m3 / h, while ensuring high quality of the solution and its supply to the greenhouse or to the open fields. It is vital for farms to keep irrigation technologies up to date. That’s why we produce irrigation units of various capacities. One of the significant advantages of this machine over traditional irrigation units is a low cost, despite the fact that this unit keeps the full functionality of the professional equipment.

Automated fertigation equipment

MINI-MAX is designed for automated preparation of nutrient solution, fertigation planning and carrying out drip irrigation. This equipment allows you to organize an individual supply of ideally stabilized nutrient solution for separate fragments of the field according to the time of irrigation or according to the solution consumption.

With the help of a set of programs, you can optimally plan irrigation during the day, including depending on the intensity of solar radiation.
A computer-controlled dosing system for liquid mineral fertilizers ensures the preparation of fertilizing solutions with a precisely consistent concentration of nutrients. The parameters of the nutrient solution are maintained at a given level by means of continuous double measurement of the EC conductivity and acid-base pH of the solution and regulation of the supply of mother liquors in irrigation water.
The dosage control is fully automated and allows automatic change of the nutrient solution formulation during each watering during the day.
The computer calculates daily: the total watering time and the flow rate of the working solution per day, the watering time and the flow rate of the solution through each valve. In addition, the parameters (EC, pH and temperature) of the nutrient solution passing through each irrigation valve are averaged daily. This data is stored for a month and is available for viewing.
Controllers of several nodes can be combined into a common network and connected to a personal computer (PC). At the same time, you can set irrigation programs from a PC and control the irrigation process in detail, as well as print reports, archives, remote monitoring, and so on.

MINI-MAX advantages :

When compared with traditional injectors, our unit has a very characteristic plus, it is a working capacity, which fundamentally helps to analyze the working flow much better and produce a clearer dosage of the solution.
The unit is very easy to operate and understandable for a specialist. In addition, it provides a modern development perspective for your business, supports and implements all the most innovative irrigation technologies.

  • It is possible to control adjacent ones in the line: a water supply pump / filtration unit or heating unit.
  • Possibility of remote control, monitoring, collection of archived data.
  • Management and programming:
    from the node controller, or remotely from a PC using the «MONITOR» software.
  • Lightweight frame made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Shield with start-up protection automatics (PZA).
  • Rotameters for visual control of dosage.
  • Aeration of the nutrient solution — pre-mixing and injection type.

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