Hydroponic irrigation systems

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Modern technology is advancing everywhere in the world today and that should include automating your hydroponic irrigation systems for your greenhouse operation.
In the greenhouse with hydroponic irrigation system, you can grow a wide variety of agricultural crops throughout the seasons. The greenhouse will serve as a quality supplier for branded goods grown using the hydroponics method that enables low-cost growth, high production output and consistency throughout the seasons while maximizing profits.

hydroponic grow systems

More produce with Hydroponic grow Systems

Hydroponic makes it possible to grow plants in a detached substrate without the use of fertile soil, with the help of a mixture of nutrients and minerals dissolved in the water used as «plant food». In everyday life hydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient solution without soil. Today this technology is widely used for rich, clean and healthy growth of plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits. The physiological requirements of the plants can be met and applied in full and automatic control without the need for soil and / or sunlight. Plants and other crops are planted (and thus supported) by inert means and the nutrition is given to the plants using water-dissolved minerals.
Our extensive experience and research have helped determine which mineral combination and conditions are required to allow for ideal and maximum growth of many plant types (hydroponic formulas). This knowledge allows us increased control over the diet, which will directly increase the amount and quality of production. Ideal environmental conditions can be created for plants because it is possible to accurately determine and define many data that until today were determined by «Mother Nature». Our automatic systems and irrigation equipment with fertigation control all parameters in greenhouse. So, the lighting conditions, climate control, temperature, water, CO2, oxygen, pH and nutrients required can be determined. Thus, low-volume technologies of hydroponic grow systems allow to obtain high yields of crops.

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greenhouse hydroponic systems
Hydroponic systems in greenhouse

Hydroponic Greenhouse with our engineering Equipment

Our company has over 30 years of experience in advanced methods of growing various vegetables and salads in industrial greenhouses.
One of the advantages of our company is that we are manufacturers of greenhouse constructions and modern complete technological equipment.
The uniqueness and innovation of our engineering equipment for hydroponic irrigation solutions is expressed in automated computer systems that enable simple and intuitive day-to-day operation by only a manpower with basic skill and knowledge.
Since productivity is the key to economic success in modern agriculture, we believe that with our advanced technologies, it will be possible to find a solution to all the drawbacks that exist in the standard production process.
Our engineering equipment are designed to solve existing problems in precision hydroponic farming and other agricultural technologies.

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Automated Hydroponic Irrigation Systems

Our Automated Hydroponic Irrigation Systems come in and save you a lot of time, energy costs and ultimately any production trouble.
An automatic and computerized hydroponic greenhouse designed for the production of pesticide-free vegetables on an industrial scale, with the optimal and economical use of resources such as water, energy, labor and land.
The most important aspects of automated greenhouse are controlling the internal greenhouse environment (climate control) , automating hydroponic drip irrigation systems and recycling your water to increase water conservation.
The greenhouse climate stays optimized from severe weather conditions and increases plant health by optimizing Co2, lighting, misting, shading and humidity. The greenhouse irrigation system also protects the entire greenhouse from under or over watering and balances your feed formula to the crop ensuring the proper fertilizers amounts and pH balance.
When a greenhouse computer runs irrigation, each and every plant gets a consistent amount of water making the crops much more resilient and healthy. The right amount of water and fertilizer is getting out to the crops daily. The perfect balance of fertilizer, EC and pH is all managed by the system, and this is where automation truly helps you stay in line with what the crop is looking for enhanced growth. Consistency in irrigation also reduces plant loss caused by stress induced by delivering irregular or inconsistent amounts of fertilizer or water.
Using the technological hydroponic system it is possible to automate and optimize the process of growing crops and thus minimize the use of expensive labor, which is usually a decisive factor in cost. 


Hydroponic systems in greenhouse
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