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Greenhouse climate Control Systems & Technology

Greenhouses climate control system is the most important technological part for any kind of greenhouses both for glass greenhouses and for film greenhouses, both large and small. Micro-climate creating concept of greenhouses traditionally includes four indicators: air temperature, humidity, light and carbon dioxide level. Greenhouses are equipped with so-called executive systems for these parameters’ managing: heating, ventilation, lighting, CO2 feeding system. Accurate maintenance of the micro-climate basic parameters is a guarantee of high yield and absence of plant diseases.

But nothing stops in development including the growing technology. Today, advanced agronomists pay great attention to the expanded set of climate indicators which includes leaf temperature, leaf  humidity, air temperature distribution along the vertical section of the greenhouse, and air speed. Our company has developed computer climate system, which serves not only the basic micro-climate parameters, but also allow us to control the previously named extended set of indicators. This system fully automatically supports with control on all known types of executive systems of the greenhouse by the accurate maintenance of the parameters set by the agronomist.

Increasing energy prices make it necessary to think carefully about efficient resources using. It can be lighting or heating systems,  CO2  supply or the active air window opening. The functional capabilities  of our management systems allow us to create a management strategy. Follow this strategy, an agronomist can choose  priority task of saving energy costs or maximizing technology compliance, depending on the phase of plant growth or economic goals.

The central component of the system is an industrial controller specially has been developed for greenhouses by our company. Modern element base in the controllers have a high level of uninterrupted and reliable operation. The micro-climate control system includes a subsystem of measuring sensors installed inside the greenhouses in addition to the controller.

The system can be automatically integrated with the boiler room if needed. In addition, we have developed a special installation, which transfers data via the FIDUFACE interface to the boiler room to control the generation of heat, CO2 and electricity. The process of the micro-climate monitoring and introduction of tasks in a convenient form can be done with PC. Moreover function of remote administration of the system via the Internet is  available too.

automatic climate control system

climate control system

climate control with Automation Equipment

climate control system
  1. All technological processes on one computer;
  2. Convenient data analysis;
  3. Intuitive interface;
  4. Long-term data storage and reservation;
  5. Animated schemes of technological processes;
  6. Forming reports on the modes of operation: day, week, month;
  7. Convenient display of data (connection up to 8monitors);
  8. Ability to manage via the Internet (remote access);
  9. SMS alerts about freelance situations on your mobile phone.
scada_3 climate control
climate control in greenhouse
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