Our «Fito Group» Companies are experts in providing efficient and practical consultancy services of the choice advanced technology, irrigation equipment and agronomic programs for agricultural projects. We take complete control of the project implementation on site and timely supply materials, agriculture and irrigation equipment needed to execute your turnkey project. Even more, we manage and control all process of quality construction and installation work in the greenhouse complex by the plans, schedules and documentation.

Customers use our turnkey projects to bring their entire agricultural project to life, from initiation all the way to post-project support. To ensure the project’s long-term success, we provide personalized, ongoing technical and agronomic support.​

One stop shop for all your agricultural project needs

We are headache free and one stop shop for all your needs from the planning stages to logistics, engineering support, quality guarantee and exceptional customer service:

Turnkey projects in greenhouses and open field

Construction of industrial and farmer greenhouses

Manufacture of greenhouse equipment, energy and heat generating equipment

Agriculture in greenhouses and open fields

Engineering and agronomical support

Soil management and crop production

Remote climate control. Remote repairs of the systems

Supply of irrigation, filtration equipment and smart system controls

Onsite equipment installation

Customized plan

Ongoing customer service

Guaranteed high quality product

map of our turnkey projects in Russia

Our "Fito Group" Companies has developed more than 100 successful agricultural turnkey projects for our clients in the Russian Federation.

Stages of the turnkey project

1. Choose location for the project implementation

2. Workout a business plan

3. We provide design, detailed engineering, planning and construction management of the object

4. Staff employees training and development

5. Equipment installation and assembly per drawing at the object

6. Object commissioning

Our turnkey projects examples:

24 ha. of Teplichnoe greenhouses, built in Russian Federation

42 ha. of Elezk greenhouses, Russian Federation

44 ha. of Lipetsk-Agro greenhouses, Russian Federation

Turnkey projects in greenhouses

Our companies «FITO Group» is one of the leaders of modern greenhouses construction and provides the most advanced, efficient vegetable growing through a climate control system Ultra-Clima®. Construction of industrial and farmer greenhouses. Manufacture of greenhouses irrigation systems include necessary equipment, energy and heat generating equipment. Consulting, agronomic service and support.  

Manufacture and supply of smart  systems controls for irrigation, filtration, fertilizer preparation and fertigation automation. Engineering design and manufacturing irrigation equipment  which is required in all agricultural projects include hydroponic grow systems.
Irrigation systems get water to irrigation emitters in the conditions required for it.
So we provide the following components that can be found in irrigation system:

Pumping equipment: includes of one or more pumps that provide water flow to the pressure required by the irrigation system.
Filtration systems: may contain one or more filtering equipment of different types of filter (sand, mesh, ring, hydro cyclones) and condition the water to prevent blockages in issuers due to the solid elements that could carry the water in suspension.
Fertilizer irrigation equipment: this system handles the input of fertilizers to irrigation water.
Control equipment: composed by irrigation controllers that control from the valves opening and connect the pump to the injection control fertilizer, pH and electrical conductivity of irrigation water, etc. And climate control system in greenhouse.

turnkey project of filtration systems are optimized by water treatment technologies.
irrigation systems unit Mini-Max-5-100-m3-h.
Automatic system of windows closing and lighting in a greenhouse. Turnkey projects

Automatic system of windows closing and lighting in a greenhouse.

Turnkey open fields projects

Our companies execute  open fields projects including precision drip irrigation systems, fertigation,  smart control and water control solutions. Even more, our agronomical support, both technological and agrochemical, helps achieve successful long-term operation and increase customer profit.

Turnkey open fields projects
Turnkey projects in farmers greenhouses

Turnkey projects in farmers greenhouses

We offer a wide range of drip-line irrigation systems, fertigation and water filtration systems ideal for farmers  greenhouses. Our  modern turnkey project in farm greenhouse will have all the characteristics including automation and computer-integrated technologies of industrial greenhouse.

Irrigation solutions : Turnkey projects in farmers greenhouses
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