Successfully combining professional knowledge, latest technology and high level of product engineering, BERMAD produces the most complete range of multi-purpose and task-specific control valves for water control solutions . 

A wide range of the company products include several main series:
-air, hydraulic and electric control valves for agricultural irrigation projects and water treatment systems;
-pressure and level control valves for building & construction industry;
-hydraulic control valves, air valves and water meters to optimize water usage, maximize energy efficiency and protect water supply; 
-fire protection valves;
-control valve solutions for the mining of copper and other precious metals mines.  


BERMAD products are mainly the result of their own development — based on the use and generalization of operating experience on many sites and in different conditions.  They issue a wide variety of solutions for water flow management and to protect water systems.  Offering the most proper technical water control solutions for range customers.

BERMAD K10 Kinetic Air Valve removes vacuum conditions in the pipeline and protects it from collapsing:

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