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irrigation systems-Block control and fertilizers mixer unit

Today many fertilizers used in greenhouse complexes is supplied as a dry substance. It is necessary to prepare a concentrated stock solution from fertilizers for modern automated irrigation systems.
The process of growth solution preparing provides a thorough dissolution of fertilizers in water in the proportion calculated by the agronomist. At first glance, this issue is not very important, but it deserves serious attention. This is due to the fact, that each tank with a growth solution (not less than two tanks) contains a combination of several fertilizers and a poor-quality dissolution of one or all of the components disrupts the balance of nutrients calculated by the agronomist. This uniquely leads to negative consequences affecting plants. The general procedure for preparation of growth solutions is as follows: mineral fertilizers should be mixed with water, the resulting solution must be saved for a certain time, after that it can be used for automatic irrigation.
Our company developed growth solution preparation units for the thorough dissolution of fertilizers and the preparation of growth solution. Polyethylene tanks of the required volume should be filled with water and mineral fertilizers should be added there in the required quantity.
Then the monitor-reducers with mixing paddles should be turned off. After complete mixing and keeping the solution is pumped by special pumps through plate filters into tanks with ready-made stock solution of the irrigation unit. Pumps with a working part made of stainless steel allow pumping fractions up to 17 mm. Therefore, they can be used for additional mixing (bubbling) of growth solutions. Reliable and practical plate filters provide mechanical cleaning from fractions over 130 microns. Filter elements are easy to rinse and have an almost unlimited lifespan. This solution preparation unit ensures the complete dissolution of mineral fertilizers in water followed by filtration and transfer of the ready solution to the tanks of irrigation unit. All installation elements including a special transfer pump and mixing paddles of the solution unit are made of materials that are not corroded. This unit provides a high-quality preparation of stock solutions from any mineral fertilizer.


  • Simultaneous preparation up to 2 solutions
  • Filter: disk filter
  • Filtration rate, (micron): 130
  • Mixing method: bubbling, mixing paddles
  • Material: stainless steel, pvc
  • Dimensions, (m): 1,0 х 1,0 х 1,0

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