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Our smart dispenser will make an irrigation plan with high accuracy, draw graphs of the sequence irrigation for each valve, check whether it is possible in principle to execute a set irrigation schedule and if it is impossible to follow the program instructions for some reason. This unit will show an error indicating the reason. For example, an agronomist may specify irrigation schedule that is incompatible with the capacity of the smart dispenser or with the irrigation time frames reserved for irrigating.
Since the unit will indicate obvious errors or will suggest the optimal irrigation schedule, the agronomist will easily either correct the initial data or agree with the proposed schedule.

SMART DISPENSER designed to fill the gap in operation of simple dispensers such as DOSATRON, which is not able to organize and carry out the irrigation program independently. The main advantages of SMART DISPENSER are following: error-free assignment and execution of the irrigation program, full control over all parameters, emergency operating, archive management, and excellent visualization of processes. It can be used for irrigation of greenhouses and for irrigation on open fields.

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