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Maximum yields require the strict observance and the guaranteed control over the cultivation technology. One of the most important monitoring parameters is drainage obtained during irrigation. Our company has developed a highly accurate system for the selection and measurement of drainage parameters, the FMD.
Functionality of the system involves start and end time registration of the drainage supply, measuring drainage volume, EC and pH, percentage (%) of drainage from the total irrigation volume. The availability of such data will allow the most accurate calculation of irrigation rates, prevent salinization of the substrate, and correct start time of the first irrigation. Collected information is archived and stored in computer’s memory for a long period of time, which makes it possible to return to the analysis of the data at anytime.
A distinctive feature of this system is control over drainage solution not from one slab, but from an entire bed (from 120 plants). This method of control allows you to obtain a general picture of the entire greenhouse. In comparison with analogues it is necessary to note the reliability and the practicality of this system. Most import systems require careful leveling and long tuning of a drainage meter, when our system practically does not need maintenance because it is ensuring high accuracy of the displayed results. The existing system can integrate into the drip irrigation systems designed by our company and it is a complete unit that can independently perform its functions separately.
The system is monitored from a personal computer. The specialized program allows the user to communicate quickly and comfortably with the system, and also provides an opportunity to integrate with other LiS equipment.

Principle of operation:

As mentioned earlier, the drainage unit monitors the volume of the collected drainage, the concentration of drainage and the pH level in it. The volume measurement is performed thanks to a pressure less flow meter with measurement accuracy of 40 ml. The EC and pH parameters are monitored by sensors. Before the system using a user specifies data on the number of plants under control. This data with the measured on the total amount of drainage allows calculation of drainage volume collected automatically from a plant. One of the most important indicators is drainage percentage recording to the irrigation. Calculations of this indicator data on irrigation norms are needed. In the case when our irrigation unit is used for irrigation, the measuring unit automatically connects to it and reads the necessary information. In other cases when an extraneous irrigation unit or injector is used for irrigation, additional water meter is connected with the drainage unit and autonomously measures volume of watering. Like the others’ our company’s equipment is also connected to PC via the “MONITOR” software for easy analysis and integration into a single technological process.

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