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Many agronomists have faced the problem of changing the pH level during irrigation process when the irrigation unit prepares the solution in accordance with the acidity parameter setting, but the drip irrigation system has been filling with the solution having a pH level higher than the set value on 0,5-1,0. We usually encounter this problem because of bicarbonates contained in water. Their negative effect is counteraction of acid during the movement through the pipes, which is why a pH change occurs from under the drip irrigation system.


Our company produces special equipment intended for preliminary stabilization of water in accordance with pH. This equipment is designed to reduce the amount of bicarbonate by means of acid feeding in the water. The difference from the irrigation unit lies in the fact, that the equipment is installed before the water storage tank, this way the ion exchange processes start in the water storage tank and bicarbonates quantity are reduced neutralizing added acid. And this way prepared water is pH stable fed to the irrigation unit and if it necessary, the acidity amend slightly and the ready-made working solution is supplied to the greenhouse. By agronomist adjusted pH of the solution is guaranteed to come under the plants. The pH stabilizer is equipped with a controller that completely monitors the process. Dual pH control reduces chance of error.
In addition to the task of acidity stabilizing the water treatment unit is multi functional equipment, that allows you to control all the processes of preparing irrigation water. The controller of our design mounted on the unit has the ability to control filtration process with automatic rinsing, water heating process and monitor the water filling of additional storage tanks. This function of constant water recirculation makes it possible to bring the characteristics of irrigation water to the parameters specified by specialists.
Like all our systems this equipment also connects to PC via the «MONITOR» software.
The water treatment unit is well proven and is widely used in many greenhouse complexes in Russia and in the CIS. Some projects are available in the far-abroad countries. The universality of this unit makes it possible to use it both for centralized water supply to a greenhouse complex and for local water preparation for a single irrigation unit.

Principle of operation

The unit is installed parallel to the main pipeline and the water intake for the unit operation is located further downstream than the outlet of the unit. The sampled water passes through the pH sensors into the mixing tank (if the design provides it). In case of deviation of the received measurements from the task of the technologists, the device starts the acid dosage. After the tank a high pressure pump is installed on the stabilizer which carries out the return of water to the main pipeline which also ensures the operation of the dosing ejector. Thus, part of the solution injected into the pipeline, mixed with the main water, again goes to the input of the unit and is again analyzed.

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