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WATER SUPPLY UNIT 90 m³/h (Ultra Clima)


Today the technology of vegetable production is not standing still and the fifth generation has replaced it as an alternative to fourth-generation greenhouses. The fifth-generation greenhouse, the so- called semi-closed greenhouse created using Ultra Clima technology, retains all the advantages of Venlo type greenhouses, but in many respects surpasses it in a number of parameters. The greenhouse with Ultra Clima technology is fitted along the entire length by adiabatic panels, which receive water. Water evaporating takes away some of the energy and the cooled air pass through special pipes into the greenhouse. Practical use of such a cooling system in the greenhouse has shown that it is possible to reduce temperature in the greenhouse up to 10 °C which has a beneficial effect on plants. So that there is no loss of yield. Our specialists from the design department and the R&D have specially developed the water supply unit for cooling air temperature inside the greenhouse.
This unit has a joint stainless steel frame, one electrical control board with protective automatics, one frequency converter, one high pressure pump and one filter.

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