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Today the disinfection by means of ultraviolet irradiation is widespread in the world along with the thermal disinfection. The advantage of this method is low energy intensity. The operation principle is to pass UV radiation produced by special lamps through water. UV radiation with wavelength with bactericidal effect (253,7 nm) penetrates through the cell walls of microorganisms carried by water and is absorbed by DNA in the genetic chain. As a result, the process of microorganism production ceases. The sterilization unit is designed specifically for disinfection of drainage irrigation water. It is equipped with low-pressure lamps from a German company UV-Technik as the most economical and constructively convenient lamps for using precisely in greenhouse complexes. Functionality allows agronomist to set the dose of irradiation solution in the range of 50 mJ/cm2 (selective disinfection e.g. for salad complexes) to 250 mJ/cm2 (complete disinfection). During operation process the UV-lamp capacity is measured by a sensor mounted on the external surface of the disinfection unit. On the basis of this data the computer system automatically calculates time it takes to obtain a given dose of UV- radiation and adjusts system capacity.
As known, the determining factor of the system capacity is transparency of drainage solution. It is recommended to install a sand-gravel filter for cleaning of the drainage from mechanical and organic impurities at the disinfector outlet. The possibilities of the disinfector also allow to control the process of filtration with automatic rinsing of disinfector, and if it necessary, mixing process. On the irrigation unit is installed an acid dispenser which ensures an increase of the solution acidity to avoid contamination of the lamp.
The function of intellectual control realized in the presented UV-disinfector distinguishes it from foreign analogs, namely, it is the change in disinfection capacity depending on drainage transparency.
It is important, that all controllers can be connected to the «MONITOR» program, which allows you to monitor all equipment and make the necessary adjustments depending on technological requirements.


  1. Capacity, (m 3/h): 1 -10*
  2. Number of lamps: up to 4
  3. UV radiation dose,(mJ/cm2): 50 -250
  4. РH measurement: one sensor
  5. Acid dosing: equipped
  6. Drainage filtration control: equipped
  7. Power consumption(kW): 6
  8. Dimensions,(m): 0,95 x 1,0 x 1,9

*Тhe capacity depends on the dose of UV radiation and the cleanliness / transparency of the solution

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