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The thermal disinfector is specially designed for greenhouse complexes. Thermal sterilization is the most effective way of drainage cleaning. The principle of the disinfector is to heat the drainage water to temperature of 85-95 ˚C and hold it at this temperature for up to 180 seconds, and then the drainage is cooled to temperature close to the original heating the incoming water. Such a long high-temperature treatment allows 99,8% of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses’ destruction.
Usually heating of drainage water is implemented with the help of greenhouse heating systems, which makes the whole process of disinfection quite economical. In case required water temperature lacks of the heat transfer unit, the disinfector is equipped with its own electric heater, which can work as in parallel with the heat network providing only required temperature addition and separately taking the entire heating process by itself. Acid is automatically added to drainage water for prevention against destruction of solutions’ structure and also to avoid calcification inside the disinfector. All parameters of the technological process are controlled by means of PC.
The advantageous systems’ difference from imported analogues is concluded in the intellectual controlling function of the drainage water consumption. This function allows you to realize the fact that drainage disinfection saves for 3 minutes at 85 ˚C, but at 95 ˚C only for 90 seconds. Therefore, when disinfections’ temperature for various reasons exceeds a minimum of 85 ˚C the system automatically increases drainage water consumption thereby accelerating saving process. In addition, the system determines independently temperature of heating medium and if it is necessary, turns on its own electric boiler.
The one of the functionality is also possibility of automatic work with drainage storage tanks, i.e. the system is automatically turned on and off depending on the water level in the tanks. The computer calculates daily the system’s operating time and the amount of disinfected drainage per day and also for the entire operation time. This data is stored for 10 days in the controller memory, as well as transferred to a PC for unlimited storage and available for viewing. Controllers of our company can be combined into network (up to 12 controllers) and connected to PC. At the same time PC can specify the disinfection programs and the disinfection process can be controlled in detail. Reports and archives can be printed too.


  1. Capacity,(m 3/h): 20
  2. Disinfection temperature,(˚C): 85 -90
  3. Saving time,(s): 90 -240
  4. РH measurement: equipped
  5. Acidification of solution: equipped
  6. Power consumption(kW): 160/10*
  7. Dimensions,(m): 3,4 x 1,8 x 2,3
    *with / without boiler

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