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Irrigation units from 15 to 60 m3/h

This irrigation unit is designed for plant irrigating with balanced nutrient solution which is prepared automatically by continuous mixing of fertilizers and water.
Many years of work experience in equipment lead us to production of the most reliable system that meets the modern requirements for irrigation in greenhouse complexes. The irrigation unit is equipped with an industrial computer-controller. Its functionality allows the controlling up to 48 irrigation valves which can be divided into 48 groups. Each group can have its own solution preparation formula and individual irrigating plan.
Software features of the system allow you to start irrigation depending on several kinds of factors: classical timing, as well as solar radiation, temperature, air or substrates’ humidity, etc. The irrigation unit automatically maintains pressure in the watering system for each group of valves; this allows balance of differently removed valves. The adjustment is carried out by the frequency controller which controls the irrigating pump.
The irrigation units are produced with different capacities and in various modifications, which makes it possible to use for irrigation of different areas, starting from 0,5 hectares, as well as irrigation of crops with various growing technologies: drip irrigation on substrates, irrigation on soils, ebb-flood system, circulating system of salad complexes, system with recirculation of drainage and including an innovative «Inter planting technology». It should be noted that the irrigation unit is equipped with the function of complete solution upgrading for the «Inter planting technology» when the irrigation unit automatically completely replaces the old solution and prepares a new one by switching of irrigation between different age groups of plants.
The irrigation unit can be equipped with a drainage mixer for reuse of drainage.
For convenience in operation this irrigation system can be controlled via PC using the program «MONITOR», which allows the irrigation unit to be fully integrated with other automation appliances of greenhouse processes.

Automatic mixer for irrigation and fertigation

  1. The Mixing unit offered for you is a complete automatic device for irrigation and working solution supply for plants.
    The Mixing unit has its own controller that sets the irrigation program and it can be individual for each valve. You should set by the controller program the irrigation start time, the required amount of water for each plant in one irrigation cycle, the number of irrigation cycles, the required pH parameter, the required parameter ЕC (if it is necessary to irrigate with clean water, set ЕC = 0), an additional irrigation depending on solar radiation and the end time of irrigation. You can connect up to 16 valves to the Mixing unit as standard and you can set an individual program for each valve. The Mixing unit can be connected to 4 tanks with fertilizer solution and to one tank with acid. Thus, you can organize irrigation of several different crops.
  2. So, after setting the program you have the time for the first irrigation. The Mixing unit controller will turn on your pump, which supplies clean water to the Mixing unit, it will turn on its own main pump and turn on the valve that is indicated first in your program. The irrigation process starts. The EC and pH sensors of the Mixing unit analyze the readings of the incoming water and the values ​​set in the program. In case of a parameter discrepancy, they add acid and fertilizers ensuring extremely high accuracy of maintaining the set parameters (for EC = +, — 0.1 mS, for pH = +, — 0.2 pH)
  3. After completing the set program, the irrigation process stops until the next cycle begins.
  4. If it is necessary, the Mixing unit can be additionally equipped with the MONITOR program. MONITOR can remotely connect your Mixing unit to a personal computer, set a program, visually observe the irrigation process and create an archive of irrigation for an unlimited time.
  5. This Mixing unit can be equipped with a device for saturating the working solution with oxygen as well.


  1. Capacity, (m 3/h): 15 | 30 | 45 |60
  2. Irrigation valve: up to 48
  3. Dosing channel: 5
  4. Dual EC and pH parameter measurement: equipped
  5. Correction of irrigating by solar: equipped
  6. Filter control: equipped
  7. Heating control: equipped
  8. Mixing control of drainage: equipped
  9. Dimensions,(m): 1,6 х 1,3 х1,5

IRRIGATION UNIT 15 — 60 m³/h



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