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irrigation equipment-IRRIGATION UNIT 4 m³/h

The irrigation unit 4 m 3/h is intended for farmer greenhouses of up to 3000 m 2. Such equipment helps farmers to achieve higher yields and save time and money on the purchase of fertilizers. This unit has only one difference in capacity relative to irrigation units of higher capacity.
Use of such equipment allows to save fertilizers, to receive strictly dosed irrigation for each plant with guaranteed indicators of electrical conductivity and acidity of nutrient solution, to increase working efficiency and as a result to improve the quality and quantity of products. Software capabilities of the system allow you to start irrigation for several kinds of factors: classical timing, as well as solar radiation, temperature, air humidity or substrate, etc. Computer-controlled system for dosing liquid mineral fertilizers provides the preparation of solutions with precisely maintained nutrient concentrations.
All parameters of the nutrient solution are maintained at a given level by means of a constant double measurement of the electrical conductivity of EC and pH of the solution and regulate supply of solution and acid to water of irrigation. An important advantage of the irrigation unit is possibility of connecting temperature and humidity sensors, which in addition to the main function can control temperature and humidity regime of the greenhouse.
Wide functionality, high reliability, attractive price makes this equipment very popular among farmers in Russia and abroad. User-friendly interface and intuitive control allow you to master all features within few hours.
It is important to note that all irrigation units can be connected to any personal computer, it is only necessary to install the «MONITOR» program. This allows you always to be aware of the processes occurring in the greenhouse without leaving home and if it necessary promptly to make adjustments.


  1. Capacity,(m 3/h): 4
  2. Irrigation valve: up to 16
  3. Dosing channel: 3
  4. Single EC and pH parameter measurement: equipped
  5. Correction of irrigating by solar: equipped
  6. Mixing control of drainage: equipped
  7. Dimensions,(m): 0,45 х 0,3 х1,5

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