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irrigation systems- unit 100 m3-h
irrigation unit 100 m3-h

The so-called flagship irrigation unit is the most powerful and productive in the range of irrigation units manufactured by our company. It is capable to irrigate up to 2 hectares of greenhouse complexes at the same time. It also can be used for irrigation of a 10-hectare greenhouse complex. It is characterized by high reliability and accuracy in saving of the specified parameters. It is easy to operate but at the same time it provides and supports modern and promising irrigation technologies.
By the developing of this unit the company used 20 years’ practical experience and the most advanced technologies in protected ground. This irrigation unit is equipped with the best components from the leading world brands. Double reserve is applied for strategically important elements. There are two watering pumps and two EC and pH-sensors in each unit.
The irrigation process is controlled by a microprocessor controller specially designed for using in greenhouse complexes. The reliable element base and multistage protection against failures and computer program freezing guarantee long-term trouble-free operation. The daily irrigation schedule, frequency of activation as well as volume and solution composition can be programmed depending on time or intensity of solar radiation, temperature, air or soil humidity.
This irrigation unit has a number of new functionalities that are not available in manufacturers of other firms and companies. For example, it is equipped with the function of pressure controlling of the irrigation solution individually for each valve. That is why the operation of the drip networks located at different distances from the irrigation unit is optimized. The pressure value is maintained by the frequency controller, which is equipped with irrigation pumps. Ability to control the volume of the solution in the tanks by means of hydro static level sensors is one of the additional functions. The operative tracking of growth solution composition allows to control qualitative composition for the nutrient solution, timely notification of failures in the hydraulic systems of growth solution supply and planning refueling of the tanks. It should be noted that the irrigation unit also can fill the irrigation network automatically with fungicides and saturate the irrigation solution with oxygen.
The irrigation units and the other systems are connected to a personal computer for external management; a specialized program «MONITOR» for viewing and managing technological greenhouse data is installed.


  1. Capacity, (m 3/h): up to 100
  2. Measurement of Dual EC and pH parameters : equipped
  3. Irrigation valve: up to 64, divided into 64 zones
  4. Aeration of the nutrient solution: equipped
  5. Pressure control in their network: equipped
  6. Micro dosing: equipped
  7. Correction of irrigation by solar radiation,
    temperature and air humidity: equipped

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