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Layout of greenhouse fertigation & drip irrigation systems
Layout of greenhouse fertigation & drip irrigation systems

What is Fertigation?

Fertilizing through an irrigation system is referred to as «fertigation.»
Fertigation consists of applying simultaneously water and fertilizers through the irrigation system, supplying the nutrients required by the crops to the soil or substrate. Fertigation is especially useful in the case of drip irrigation. By means of automatic high technology fertigation equipment the water and the nutrients are perfectly placed in the absorption area of the roots, improving the rate of growth and quality of the crops. So this system allows carrying out a more rational use of the water and fertilizers, respecting the environment and minimizing the environmental impact. If you’re running a greenhouse, you’re used to controlling every drop of water. But precision fertigation goes further by sending a precise mix of water and nutrient solutions.

Automatic fertigation control systems

When it comes to automation, all irrigation systems test the soil moisture level and manage nutrient dosing. Some systems integrate with facilities existing environment control unit to manage from a central location. Automated fertigation control system monitors a range of factors across the system. A filtration system cleans the water with UV light, pasteurization, and filtering. Then sensors measure the level of the water in the tank, temperature, and Ph levels. Sensors in the mixing tank measure the EC nutrient level and pH, adding acid or base as needed. Soil sensors measure moisture and over drainage to relay to the nutrient dosing equipment. Pump controls and irrigation valves connect to the control system to be managed automatically.

Greenhouse Fertilizer Irrigation Systems

By directly injecting fertilizers into your irrigation system, our company’s greenhouse fertilizer engineering equipment can substantially improve the health and yield of your crops. It’s no real secret that if you increase the amount of nutrients that the plants needs & regularly receives, the values and benefits extend the average lifespan of vegetable, flower and medical plants.

Our company has designed this irrigation units for proportional fertigation to offer a system that, thanks to a simple and accurate controller, can provide more efficient fertilizer dosage and irrigation system management to all those who wish to approach automated systems in a simple way and at a reasonable price.

Irrigation and fertilizer dosing systems for every crop, capacity and principle

Fertigation & irrigation unit. Productivity up to 90 m3 / h, with control and drainage supply.
Fertigation & irrigation unit. Productivity up to 90 m3 / h, with control and drainage supply.
Fertigation & irrigation unit. Productivity up to 90 m3 / h
Fertigation & irrigation unit. Productivity up to 90 m3 / h
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